When working with Sven for the first time you instantly realize the only complicated thing about him one could possibly state is his intense love relationship with slow drip coffee culture. After years of experience with design, film and photography Sven’s work ethics and indeed the results itself truly reflects the beauty and depth of simplicity.
“The more he cast away the more he had”
is what John Bunyan once said and if I wouldn’t know better I’d be sure he was talking about Sven. Being able to free yourself and your work from alleged restrictions and codexes is one of many virtues that makes his work stick out amongst the rest. Instead of screaming for attention like common pieces of photography or design nowadays, I feel my emotions screaming at me instead. Emotions that irrupt from the very depth of the gut while taking in the purity and directness of each of his images. Effortless. You will encounter that same ease when working with Sven: Always staying detached from the wired superfluous world of technical knick-knacks in order to free his creative work from the restrictive boundaries of this technical scope. This desire to breath freely without being stifled by technical or conceptual limits also reverberates off all four walls of Svens beautiful offce in Eimsbüttel. Generous and welcoming, stylish but not over the top. Every cactus, chair and shelf has its very own raison d’être. And while Sven is occupied brewing the best coffee you will ever drink  you will be fortunate to meet his talented co-workers and truly warm-hearted souls Vikki and Max. So much more can be said – but even more experienced, so don’t be shy and give ´em a shout!
It’s that… simple.


by Imke Salander



Clients (selected)
Red Bull, Riddle & Code, Beiersdorf, Mercedes, Iris von Arnim, La Marzocco, 25h, Kuffler, Iron Heart, Duravit, Marriott, Fielmann, …